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Imagine your OTP going to a common friend’s party but they start arguing about the silliest things. As a result of the awkward sexual tension hovering in the party, a group of the partygoers lock them in a bedroom together and tell them to “diffuse the tension” *hint hint*. This (obviously) just leads to wild sex while the muffled, sexual screams and moans can be heard throughout the house. They are let out just when the party is starting to wrap up. There is much less fighting at the parties which follow.


Imagine your OTP getting drunk at a bar and going home to have clumsy, drunken sex.

by Irene Suchocki


seoul sunset from my floor



My goal in life is to be as powerful, beautiful, and intelligent as C.C. Babcock. 



Chris and Stevie - Tusk Rehearsals


Anon request: Stevie and Mick around the time of their affair.

'Come on you, let's go and see the stars'.